Semimicro Balance M5-HPB-105i

Sebuah produk Mesin untuk pengukuran massa akurat yang ideal untuk digunakan di laboratorium adalah  Semimicro Balance M5-HPB-105i. Instrument ini bisa diandalkan dalam proses pengerjaan untuk menghitung massa dengan akurasi yang akurat. Bagi anda yang membutuhkan diskusi cepat produk ini bisa menghubungi contact PT. Andaru Analitika Sains via whatsapp 087777277740 atau telepon 0251-7504679.

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Berikut adalah informasi produk Semimicro Balance M5-HPB-105i  yang bisa anda pelajari :

Overview Product Semimicro Balance M5-HPB-105i

M5 semi-micro balances are the top level, most innovative and advanced series made by BEL. Equipped with large 5’’ color touch screen display, it gives an user-friendly access to all the balance’s advanced applications and internal databases.
The user has easy and intuitive access to all the functions thanks to the icon-driven menus. This means more efficiency, productivity and interactivity.
A double case structure protects the heart of the balance: an aluminum inner case and a composite plastic external case.
The many on-board functions already included, up to 6 operating languages, the large 5’’ inch display and the RS232 serial output close the circle of a complete product, reliable and truly convenient.

  • Electromagnetic force restoration weighing system
  • Highly integrated weighing cell
  • Automatic internal calibration (only “i” models)
  • 5’’ Touch-screen Display 800×480
  • RS232 serial interface
  • Selectable Measuring units
  • Internal Database
  • GLP
  • Multi Languages (EN-DE-FR-IT-SP-PT)
  • Multi-user with password protection
  • USB port for import/export database data
  • Advanced piece counting function with Statistics report
  • Textile function to measure fibers with Statistics report
  • Advanced Density function, with density index (DI) calculation
  • Formulation (Recipe)
  • Check weighing
  • Percentage weighing
  • Weights adding
  • Animal weighing
  • Max load determination (Peak hold)
  • Large glass draft shield with 3 sliding doors for easy access to the items being weighed

Technical Data & Specifiation

Capacity 102g
Resolution 0,01mg
Calibration Automatic internal
Pan size Ø 80 mm
Repeatibility 0,05 (mg)
Linearity ± 0,08mg
Response time (sec.) ≤6
Verification N/A
Minimum Load 10 mg
Tare Range (Subtractive) 62 g
Span Drift In +10…+30°c ± 2 ppm/°C
Interface RS232
Database Capacity 3000
Windshield Type And Dimensions 3 sliding windows / 162x171x225 mm
Working Temperature 5 – 35°C (15-30°C for verified models)
Power Supply 110-230Vac. 50/60Hz, output 24V 500mA 13VA
Power Consumption (Max) 2 Watt
Calibrates With (Class) 50 g (E1)
Balance Dimensions (W X L X H) 215 x 345 x 345 mm
Net Weight / Gross Weight, Approx. 7 / 9,6 Kg
Package Size (W X L X H) 390 x 520 x 630 mm

Untuk Produk Semimicro Balance memiliki banyak serie, diantaranya :

M5 Series, HPBG Series, dan HPB Series.

  • M5 Series

    1. M5-HPB-425i
    2. M5-HPB-425i-ION
    3. M5-HPB-105i
    4. M5-HPB-105i-ION
    5. M5-HPB-1265Di
    6. dll.

Contoh Gambar Produk Serie M5-HPB-425i :

produk semimicro balance m5 hpb


  • HPBG Series

    1. HPBG-425i
    2. HPBG-425i-ION
    3. HPBG-625i
    4. HPBG-625i-ION
    5. HPBG-105i
    6. dll.

Contoh Gambar Produk Serie HPBG-425i :

produk semimicro balance hpbg

  • HPB Series

    1. HPB-425i
    2. HPB-425i-ION
    3. HPB-625i
    4. HPB-625i-ION
    5. HPB-105i
    6. dll.

produk semimicro balance hpb

Contoh Gambar Produk Serie HPB-425i :

Demikian informasi produk  Semimicro Balance M5-HPB-105i. Bagi anda yang membutuhkan diskusi cepat produk ini bisa menghubungi contact PT. Andaru Analitika Sains via whatsapp 087777277740 atau telepon 0251-7504679. Link alamat kami sertakan pada gmaps.