Particle Size Analyzer SZ-100

Sebuah produk Mesin untuk mengukur ukuran partikel yang ideal untuk digunakan di laboratorium adalah Particle Size Analyzer SZ-100. Instrument ini bisa diandalkan dalam proses mengukur ukuran partikel, zeta potensial dan berat molekul. Bagi anda yang membutuhkan diskusi cepat produk ini bisa menghubungi contact PT. Andaru Analitika Sains via whatsapp 087777277740 atau telepon 0251-7504679.

andaru analitika sains produk particle size analyzer sz 100

Berikut adalah informasi produk Particle Size Analyzer SZ-100 yang bisa anda pelajari :

Overview Product Particle Size Analyzer SZ-100

A highly advanced analyzer solves the mysteries of the nano-world. A single device analyzes the three parameters that characterize nanoparticles: particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight.

Nanotechnology research and development is a continuously evolving effort to control substances at the atomic and molecular level in order to achieve new and better materials and products. The miniaturization of components – that is, control at the nano-level – is necessary to achieve faster, higher-performance devices and functions and to reduce energy consumption. Nanotechnology has come to play a key role in wide-ranging fields that affect our daily lives, including food, cosmetics, and the life sciences.

Clear and simple multi-parameter analysis of nanoparticles!

Three analyzers in a single compact body deliver high-sensitivity, high-accuracy analysis of each measurement parameter.


Features Product Particle Size Analyzer SZ-100

Particle Size Measurement Range 0.3 nm to 10 µm

The SZ-100V2 Series measures particle size and particle distribution width by dynamic light scattering (DLS).
Analysis across a wide range of sample concentrations: Measurement of samples ranging from low ppm-order concentrations to high-concentration samples in double-digit percentages is possible. Accepts commercially available sampling cells. Analysis of small-volume samples is also possible.

Zeta Potential Measurement – 500 to + 500 mV

Analysis of sample volumes as small as 100 μL using HORIBA-developed microelectrophoresis cells. Use the value of zeta potential to predict and control dispersion stability. High zeta potential magnitudes indicate a stable dispersion, useful for formulation work.

Molecular weight 1 × 103 to 2 × 107 Da

Absolute molecular weight (Mw) and the second virial coefficient (A2) are obtained by performing static light scattering measurement as a function of sample concentration and preparing Debye plots.

The SZ-100V2 Series applies sophisticated intelligence and learning capability to rapidly determine nanoparticle properties!

  • Since the SZ-100V2 Series analyzer covers a wide sample concentration measurement range, sample dilution and other preprocessing is nearly eliminated.
  • The use of a dual optical system enables measurement of high-concentration samples such as slurry and ink pigments as well as low-concentration proteins and polymers.
  • A single device analyzes the three parameters that characterize nanoparticles: particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight.
  • HORIBA-developed cells for zeta potential measurement prevent sample contamination. Simple analysis by means of ultra micro-volume dedicated cells (volume as low as 100 μL). Suitable for analysis of dilute samples.
  • HORIBA-developed electrode for zeta potential cell made from carbon material, the material is not corroded by high salt samples such as saline.


Model SZ-100-S2 (particle size and molecular weight measurement only)
Measurement principles Particle size measurement: Dynamic Light Scattering
Molecular weight measurement: Debye plot method (static scattered light intensity)
Measurement range Particle size: 0.3 nm to 10 μm
Molecular weight: 1000 to 2 x 107 Da (Debye plot)
540 to 2 x 107 Da (MHS Equation)*1
Maximum sample concentration 40 wt%*2
Particle size measurement accuracy Measurement accuracy of ±2% for NIST traceable polystyrene latex
100 nm spheres (not including variation in the standard particles themselves)
Measurement angles 90° and 173° (automatic or manual selection)
Cells Cuvettes
Measurement time Approx. 2 min. under ordinary conditions
(from the start of measurement to the display of results for particle size measurement)
Required sample volume Minimum volume of 12 μL*3 to 1000 μL (differs depending on cell material)
Usable liquids Water, ethanol, organic solvents

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