Fluorscence Microscope FLU03

Sebuah produk Mesin untuk mengamati objek yang sangat kecil yang ideal untuk digunakan di laboratorium adalah Fluorscence Microscope FLU03. Instrument ini bisa diandalkan dalam proses untuk mengamati objek yang sangat kecil, yang tidak bisa dilihat secara langsung. Bagi anda yang membutuhkan diskusi cepat produk ini bisa menghubungi contact PT. Andaru Analitika Sains via whatsapp 087777277740 atau telepon 0251-7504679.

produk Fluorscence Microscope FLU03

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Overview Product Fluorscence Microscope FLU03

FLUO3 Fluorescence microscope is equipped with plan-achromatic Infinity optics objectives and a Epi-Fluorescent illuminator. The extra wide field 10x/22 eyepieces allow inspection of a large part of specimen at same time. It can mount phase contrast objectives too, as optional. This microscope is an essential tool for biology and in biomedical science, as well in live cell science. HBO 100W Mercury lamp and a complete set of filters (B-G-V-UV) allow this Microscope investigation of most of biomedical specimen.

Included: protection cover, oil bottle, user manual

Features Fluorscence Microscope FLU03

Name: FLUO3
Optical system Infinity corrected optics system
Illumination Built-in transmitted Kohler illumination 6V 30W Halogen bulb with diaphragm. Adjustable Intensity.
Epifluorescent illumination: High pressure Mercury lamp DC 100W. Adjustable.
Eyepieces Extra Wide field WF10x/22mm
Objectives Infinity PLAN ACHROMATIC
4x/0.1;  10x/0.25;  40x/0.65;  100x/1.25 (oil immersion)
Filters Green (G), Blue (B), Violet (V), UtraViolet (UV)
Focusing Macrometric and micrometric coaxial knobs on both sides. Tension adjustment and upper limit excursion adjustment.
Revolving nosepiece Quintuple nosepiece, rotating and locking at every objective.
Observation tube Type Trinocular
Tube inclination 30° tilted, 360° rotable
Interpupillary distance adjustment 55-75mm, dioptric difference adjustment ± 5mm
Light path selector 100% – 0%  or  0% – 100%
Stage 210x140mm. Excursion XY: 75x50mm (div.0,1mm)
Condenser Abbe condenser, N.A. 1,25. Equipped with diaphragm and filter seat. Height and centering are adjustable.


  • Infinity Plan complete Phase contrast KIT (MB050024)
  • BLACKLIGHT CCD digital camera
  • Micrometric slide 0.01mm (MB120001)
  • Micrometric eyepiece 15x (MB010011)
  • Eyepiece 15x (MB010012)
  • 20x Plan achromatic objective (MB020052)

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