Binocular Microscope MBL2000

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andaru analitika sains produk binocular microscope mbl2000

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Overview Product Binocular Microscope MBL2000

Robust and universal. This model is ideal for general microscopy in laboratories, schools and universities.
The MBL2000 offers an extensive range of add-on options:for example, with phase-contrast setting, a dark-field condenser, micrometre setup, planachromatic objectives and additional eyepieces.
A binocular optical head offers inclined viewing and interocular adjustment. A wide range of accessories is available for all models.


  • Dioptre compensation with compensation scale
  • Sturdy metal stand
  • Coarse and fine focussing, double coaxial (0–200 µm, division 2 µm) Coarse focussing range: 30 mm Fine focussing range: 30 mm
  • Right-side coarse focussing knob with fast focus adjustment, left-sided knob with quick-focus setting
  • Graduated XY cross table with coaxial operation
  • Low-voltage illumination with lighting control and removable pre-condenser
  • Twin-lens Abbe condenser: NA 1.25
  • Iris diaphragm
  • Pivoting filter holder
  • Height adjustment
  • Glass filters: blue, yellow, green
  • Power supply: 230 V (115 V optional)

Specifications Product

OPTICAL HEAD Inclined optical head,
Symmetrical eye distance adjustment (55 – 75 mm),
Dioptre compensation with scale
4x 0.10 NA 17.04 mm working distance
10x 0.25 NA 8.05 mm working distance
40x 0.65 NA 0.32 mm working distance
100x 1.25 NA 0.13 mm working distance
EYEPIECES 10x, focal length 25 mm
CONDENSER Double lens ABBE Condenser, NA 1.25, with centering, height adjustment and filter holder
ILLUMINATION 6 V 20 W (or 30 W) halogen bulb with brightness control.
LED for models with the description LED
MICROSCOPE STAGE With 0.1 mm increment memory scale, left-right range of movement 74 mm, forwards – backwards 30 mm.
STAND Made of metal with coaxial coarse/fine knob with a range of 30 mm each.
The right coarse adjustment knob comes with a mobility adjustment, the left coarse adjustment knob comes with a quick focusing adjustment
FURTHER EQUIPMENT Iris diaphragme, pivoting filter holder, height adjustment, glass filters in blue, yellow and green

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